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There are so many reasons to visit Limburgs Maasland! Friendly people, beautiful nature, a rich history and mouth-watering local gastronomy. The offer is so various, something for everyone: fishing, shopping, cultural visits, culinary relish, wake boarding,...  The possibilities are endless! The environment is especially a paradise for hikers and cylists.

The signposted cycle routes of 2000 km takes the active tourist to the most beautiful spots of Limburg. The numbered and blue signes make it possible to create your own route, mostly traffic free. You may use the cycle maps or download the app Fietsparadijs Limburg on your smartphone. Our province keeps surprising with fascinating cycle innovations! They make cycling a true experience!

Hikers will also be surprised by the signposted routes in National Park Hoge Kempen, RiverPark-Maasvalley and natural park Bergerven and Platte Lindenberg.

On the border of Maasmechelen and Dilsen-Stokkem lies one of the most curious landscapes of Flanders: mountains, lakes, forests, swamps and creeks submerge you in an environment that looks more Scandinavian than Flemisch. These mountains are the old mining terrils of Eisden, these days the gate to National Park Hoge Kempen: Connectera.

All of the hiking routes of RiverPark Maasvalley are signposted. Every single hiking route has a starting point with an information board with map that make all of the walking loops visible. Water is the common factor with every loop. The Maasvalley garantees houres of hiking fun! You hike between riverarms, gravel banks and even Galloway cattle and Konik horses. The hiking area at Stokkem shows a very varied river landscape. For bird lovers the ponds at Negenoord-Kerkeweerd are truely recommended. The hiking loop at Stokkem is characterized by flower- and herbs rich dikes and the old Maas arm. The Old Maas at Dilsen is one of the most striking river arms in RiverPark Maasvalley. The old town Stokkem is also worth visiting.

Natural parks Bergerven and  Platte Lindenberg  are worth your visit! Bergerven is situated between Maaseik and Dilsen-Stokkem and lies on the edge of the Kempens Plateau in a historical arm of the Maas. Due to gravel mining, ponds appeared. All together 50 ha open water! The landscape is characterized by tree-rich wet and dry heather. At the north side of the biggest pond, they've created shallow zones, the ideal biotope for amphibians. Also birds do it well at Bergerven, there's even a bird shack. To maintain the park, Galloway cattle and Konik horses live in the wild.

At Platte Lindenberg the sand- and gravel quarries left there mark on the landscape. You find mostly pine but also old forests with winter and summer oaks appear. 




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